'How many jobs have been lost to this cause...the answer is blowing in the wind." Many people aren't qualified to get their old job back because it now requires more skills than before. The economy has forced employers to broaden the responsibilities of positions because after the layoffs the people left had to pick up the slack. Controlling costs meant squeezing more output from staffs to be more productive.

Every now and then, a vehicle comes along which manages to trick us. Despite it's sporty looks, high price tags, and seemingly great available features, something just seems to be a tad bit off. Although there have been many examples of this throughout automotive history, perhaps one perfect case study can be found in the Audi TT. While other Audi models usually offer a superb blend of comfort, style and performance, one cannot help get the feeling that the TT was supposed to sell on it's looks alone, and this is a feeling that is echoed through nearly every aspect of the car.

The Miata has just the right amount of power and handling. It's that Zoom Zoom quality wrapped up in a front engine, rear wheel drive package, and it works. The Mazda Miata is certainly one of the best sports car values on the market today.

The E-Class is a beautiful car in its own right, and like BMW and audi its going for a more subtle look of sublime elegance, only that it's doing much better; you will surely want to have one of these.

Along with offering so many features, this keyless system offers great security options. Since the car door can't be opened and the engine can't be started in the absence of the radio signals from the key, an intruder can't drive off with your car. So you should get your car installed with a remote keyless system today and ensure its security.

The Hond Accord Tourer boot capacity with the rear seats up is 626 ltrs up to the window line, drop the back seats and the storage space increases to 971 ltrs and if you really need to fill it up to the roof line then it will take a staggering 1707 ltrs. At the tailgate, the Honda Accord Tourer has an opening of 1310mm wide, and is 1818mm deep for long objects.

The Audi RS4. This is a four door car that looks like a sports car. With a V8 engine and 420 horsepower, it drives like one too. Priced in the high $60,000s, this car has so many high tech goodies you'll feel like you're driving something straight from the future.