If you own a car, you should consider getting it equipped with the remote keyless entry system. This system performs a number of functions in the car by establishing an interaction between the key and the car by the transmission of radio frequencies.

The Honda Accord tourer has driver, passenger and side air bags as standard. An external temperature sensor will show you when it's getting dangerously cold outside.

Of course we also have to consider Ferrari. The new California is the first Ferrari to feature a retractable hard top. The California is a great looking car, it hearkens you back to the days of the great Ferrari GT cars of the 60's. But it too has one major drawback.

I prefer minibuses to regular sedans. Firstly you can see more and you see further. Secondly the chairs provide better seating comfort and even after 1000 Kms I do not feel tired. When I drive a regular car (I have driven Mercedes Benz S class, audi A6, Skoda Superb and other), I feel like I was hit by a truck to my back. I have never suffered this way in a minivan.

Unless you love the shape most people will be buying an estate car to shift gear around and in the Honda Accord Estate you can take a lot of gear with you. The rear seats have a 60:40 split, fold flat, and can comformtably fit 3 people. The tailgate is electrically operated and can open automatically using the key remote. It also has a sensor to detect if anything is in the way when closing so your vedgetables should be safe!

We didn't test a 300 with the new engine and the old five-speed auto. But the new combination slices a hefty chunk off the time of the 3.5-liter, four-speed duo we clocked for a comparison test in 2005. The 2005 V-6 hit 60 mph in 7.3 seconds; the 300S does it in 6.6. Making that sprint disparity more impressive is the fact that this 300S outweighs the earlier car by 391 pounds, coming in at 4162. That's a lot of additional mass. We did test a 2011 Charger with the new V-6 and five-speed, and that 4113-pound car hit 60 mph in 7.2 seconds.

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