While 2017 Chevrolet Secure EV deliveries haven’t really begun in america yet, it appears that testers in Europe happen to be granted accessibility European equivalent (re-badging), the Opel Ampera-e.

The very first factor that’s noticeable is the fact that there don’t appear to become any major changes, just like there weren’t using the original Opel Ampera, the ecu re-badging from the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid (PHEV).

Yeah, I understand, giving the Secure EV and also the Volt PHEV nearly the very same name within the European market doesn’t appear to create much sense. The “Ampera” and also the “Ampera-e” - what were they thinking? There'll without doubt be lots of people who hear the name and think that it’s exactly the same model as before with simply slight variations - and not the fundamental vary from PHEV to EV that it's. (And never even mentioning the main variations in styling, handling, passenger and luggage space, and gratifaction.)

Hmm, any one of you in Europe thinking about obtaining the model? Happening the rumors swirling around, you might want to wait some time, because it appears that GM has become planning for a more gradual rollout from the Secure EV than formerly announced and expected. Europe most likely isn’t any type of priority for that rollout.